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Choy Sum

For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Seasonality: Year Round
Origin: USA

Closely resembling Bok Choy, in China, Choy Sum is one of the more popular vegetables of the cabbage family. A unique source of many essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Choy Sum is slimmer than Bok Choy and frequently has yellow flowers near its stems. The stems are always eaten, and are usually preferred to the pale green leaves, although these are also edible. Choy Sum from Melissa’s may be stir-fried, used in fillings or eaten with pasta. Choy Sum has a distinct, sweet mustard flavor.

Choy Sum from Melissa’s is hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose firm stalks with fresh stems. Avoid any brown spots. Store unwashed in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Trim leaves. Cut younger stems in half. Thicker stems should be peeled. Wash thoroughly and rinse several times in cold water. In recipes, Choy Sum may be substituted for common broccoli stems. Flowers are edible.