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  • Image of  Organic Emerald Watermelon Fruit

    Organic Emerald Watermelon

    Seasonality: Aug - SeptOrigin: USA Chilled watermelon is the perfect snack!Melissa's Organic Emerald Watermelon is an attractive round seedless var...

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  • Image of  Asaki Melon Fruit

    Asaki Melon

    Seasonality: Mar - JulyOrigin: Mexico Cut in half lengthwise, they make a beautiful bowl for fruit salad or even a chilled soup in the summer. It’s...

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  • Image of  Flamingo Pears Fruit

    Flamingo Pears

    Seasonality: March - MayOrigin: Chile Flamingo is an early season pear variety from the Southern Hemisphere first developed in South Africa and no...

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  • Image of  Organic Honey Mango Organics

    Organic Honey Mango

    Quantity/Pack: 3 poundsSeasonality: Feb - JulOrigin: Mexico Organic Honey Mangoes are rich in antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E and are useful...

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  • Image of  Large Korean Melon Fruit

    Large Korean Melon

    Seasonality: JulyOrigin: Mexico Korean Melons are bright yellow with white stripes. The mild and sweet flavor isreminiscent of a perfect honeydew c...

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  • Image of  White Pineapples (Monte Lirio) Fruit

    White Pineapples (Monte Lirio)

    Seasonality: Year RoundA new variety from Brazil exclusively available from Melissa’s! This super sweet, low acid pineapple has a rich flavor and a...

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  • Image of  Organic Cotton Candy<sup>®</sup> Grapes Fruit

    Organic Cotton Candy® Grapes

    Just one bite of this super sweet grape will take you back to that childhood memory of eating Cotton Candy at the county faire. Organic Cotton Cand...

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  • Image of  Athena Melons Fruit

    Athena Melons

    Seasonality: JulyOrigin: USA An Athena Melon is a type of muskmelon that has a longer ripening period than most varieties so the melon remains firm...

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  • Image of  Fresh Sliced Coconut Fruit

    Fresh Sliced Coconut

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Mexico Our fresh Sliced Coconut is harvested before the meat is fully developed. You can eat the tender meat to make...

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  • Image of  Coconut Hearts Fruit

    Coconut Hearts

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin:  MexicoCoconut Hearts are harvested before the meat is fully developed. At this stage, the water inside is at its pr...

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  • Image of  Sapodilla Fruit Fruit

    Sapodilla Fruit

    Seasonality: Dec - JunOrigin: USA This exotic tropical fruit, also marketed as Sapote, is about the size of a large kiwi with the same texture and ...

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  • Image of  Australian Lychee Fruit Fruit

    Australian Lychee Fruit

    Seasonality: Dec - FebOrigin: Australia Each contains a single, large, inedible seed. One cup of fresh lychee fruit has only 125 calories, more vit...

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  • Image of  White Coconuts Other

    White Coconuts

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Domincan Republic Although all parts of this fruits are used, only the water and meat of the White Coconut are consu...

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  • Image of  Golden Honeydew Melons Fruit

    Golden Honeydew Melons

    Seasonality: June-SeptOrigin: USA A hybrid variety of the popular Honeydew melon with a distinctive yellow-gold skin and bright, almost pure white ...

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  • Image of  True Rebel Mix™ Tomatoes Fruit

    True Rebel Mix™ Tomatoes

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA, Canada A medley of up to six different tomato varieties in one convenient clamshell. Each variety offers a dist...

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  • Image of  Fresh Acai Berries Fruit

    Fresh Acai Berries

    The acai berry is an inch-long, reddish-purple fruit. It comes from the acai palm tree, which is native to Central and South America. As with all s...

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  • Image of  Lemondrop Melons Fruit

    Lemondrop Melons

    Seasonality: May - JulOrigin: USA A hybrid of the Galia melon, the Lemon Drop Melon looks similar to its parentage with a netted, golden tan skin w...

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  • Image of  Cherry Plums Fruit

    Cherry Plums

    As the name implies, Cherry Plums are a hybrid cross of these two fruit favorites. Specifically, the fruit was developed in the late 1800s by cross...

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  • Image of  Crimson Delight Apples Fruit

    Crimson Delight Apples

    Seasonality: March - AprilOrigin: USA Fruit skin has an attractive orange-red to pinkish-red blush over a yellow background with very conspicuous w...

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  • Image of  Sanguinelli Blood Oranges Fruit

    Sanguinelli Blood Oranges

    Seasonality: FebOrigin: USA Originally from Spain, the variety has very few seeds and has always been prized for its excellent juicing characterist...

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  • Image of  Tejocote Fruit


    Seasonality: Oct - DecOrigin: Mexico Tejocotes are the size of cherry tomatoes with a thin bright yellow skin. The cream-colored fruit has a sweet ...

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  • Image of  Medley Cocktail Tomatoes Fruit

    Medley Cocktail Tomatoes

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Mexico Smaller than a Roma and larger than a cherry tomato, the Cocktail is one of the juiciest, flavor-packed tomat...

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  • Image of  Monstera Fruit


    Melissa's Monstera is as wonderfully fragrant as it is delicious. As it begins to ripen, a fragrant tropical aroma is infused into the air.No longe...

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  • Image of  Nectarines Fruit


    Seasonality: Jun - JulOrigin: USA Melissa's Nectarines have a smooth orange-yellow skin with striking red markings. Available in both white and yel...

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