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  • Image of  Indian Mango Fruit

    Indian Mango

    Seasonality: Apr-JunOrigin: India Product of India.There are said to be some 1,500 varieties mangoes in India. Only a few have been cleared for exp...

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  • Image of  Hot House Red Cluster Tomatoes Fruit

    Hot House Red Cluster Tomatoes

    Seasonality: Year RoundHot House Red Cluster Tomatoes are a medium sized beefsteak variety grown indoors on tall trellis-type systems. These are a ...

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  • Image of  HoneyBliss Melon Fruit

    HoneyBliss Melon

    A new hybrid variety of the popular Honeydew that has the same creamy yellow-white exterior but with many more defined light brown sugar cracks, in...

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  • Image of  Heirloom Black Cherry Tomatoes Fruit

    Heirloom Black Cherry Tomatoes

    Quantity/Pack: 2 packages (11 oz. each)Seasonality: Feb - JunOrigin: MexicoThe taste of these little beauties is as unique as their appearance. The...

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  • Image of  Hami Melons Fruit

    Hami Melons

    Seasonality: May - AugOrigin: USAThis is a very special variety melon in which the seed originated in the Xingjiang area of China. Oblong in shape ...

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  • Image of  Green Gage Plums Fruit

    Green Gage Plums

    Seasonality: FebOrigin: New ZealandConsidered the finest of all dessert plums, the cherry-sized Green Gage Plum has a delicate, sometimes transluce...

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  • Image of  Golden Honeydew Melon Fruit

    Golden Honeydew Melon

    These melons add sweetness to fruit salads or in refreshing drinks, such as fruit punches or daiquiris. As you may or may not know, cantaloupe and ...

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  • Image of  Galia Melon Fruit

    Galia Melon

    Seasonality: May - AugOrigin: USA, Mexico All melons are believed to have originated in India, having been cultivated since ancient times. Today, t...

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  • Image of  Flame Seedless Raisins Fruit

    Flame Seedless Raisins

    Dried Flame Seedless Raisins offer a wholesome, low calorie snack right from the bag or use them in cakes, cookies and stuffings. Dried fruits came...

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  • Image of  Currants Fruit


    Quantity/Pack:Seasonality: Jan, Jul - Aug & DecOrigin: USA, Chile This item must be shipped alone, and sent via overnight shipping due to peris...

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  • Image of  Crenshaw Melons Fruit

    Crenshaw Melons

    Seasonality: Apr - SepOrigin: USA A refreshing melon for snacks, added to fruit salads, in cold fruit soups or as an edible garnish. They can be ...

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  • Image of  Chilean Cherries Fruit

    Chilean Cherries

    Quantity/Pack: 2 lbs.Seasonality: Mid Nov - Mid JanOrigin: ChileMelissa’s Chilean Cherries have the distinct sweet Cherry flavor that you love. The...

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  • Image of  Casaba Melons Fruit

    Casaba Melons

    Seasonality: May - SepOrigin: USA, MexicoThe casaba melon was first cultivated in Persia thousands of years ago. It wasn't introduced to the United...

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  • Image of  Canary Melons Fruit

    Canary Melons

    Seasonality: Jun - AugOrigin: USACanary Melons vary in shape from oval to oblong, almost similar to a bright yellow Honeydew Melon. The pale green ...

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  • Image of  Blackberries Fruit


    Melissa’s Blackberries taste best when they are very dark purplish-black to completely black. These berries are rich in antioxidants, especially in...

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  • Image of  Black Raspberries Fruit

    Black Raspberries

    Product of Oregon.Oregon farmers have been growing black raspberries for more than a century. Recently this delicate berry has become a foodservice...

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  • Image of  Long Stem Strawberries Fruit

    Long Stem Strawberries

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA Melissa’s Long Stem Strawberries make a wonderful snack as well as a very special dessert ingredient. Very flavo...

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  • Image of  Sunsprite Pears Fruit

    Sunsprite Pears

    A very flavorful summer pear, the Sunsprite is small in size but large in juicy sweet taste. Even though the variety is sometimes called a “baby Ba...

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  • Image of  Red D'Anjou Pears Fruit

    Red D'Anjou Pears

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USAThe Red Anjou was discovered by chance in a green D’Anjou orchard in Oregon and has become one of the most popula...

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  • Image of  Organic Pears Fruit

    Organic Pears

    Seasonality:  Year RoundMelissa’s Organic Pears, are naturally fresh and juicy without use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.Meli...

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  • Image of  Organic Packham Pears Fruit

    Organic Packham Pears

    Packham Pears were first developed in Australia by Henry Packham around 1900. They are a bumpy green pear with a rounded bell shaped bottom and a n...

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  • Image of  Organic Comice Pears Fruit

    Organic Comice Pears

    Seasonality: Jan - Mar, Oct - DecOrigin: USAA favorite variety in holiday gift boxes and baskets due to its attractive red over green coloring, Com...

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  • Image of  Japanese 20th Century Pears Fruit

    Japanese 20th Century Pears

    This variety is one of the most widely grown Asian apple pears in the world.This extraordinary flavored 20th Century Asian pear was first discovere...

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  • Image of  French Butter Pears Fruit

    French Butter Pears

    When fully ripe, this pear is one the best for cooking. A relative of the D’Anjou, Fresh Butter pears have a very creamy texture with a sweet, succ...

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