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Deluxe Pantry Box
Deluxe Pantry Box
Our Price: $59.29

Melissa’s Deluxe Pantry Box includes our Steamed Lentils, Steamed Red Kidney Beans, Steamed Six Bean Medley, Peeled & Steamed Chickpeas, Steamed Artichoke Hearts, and Steamed Baby Beets, along with our Perfect Sweet Onions, Garlic, Cooked Quinoa, Dutch Yellow® Potatoes, Sun Dried Tomato Polenta and Italian Spice Grinder, along with our Dried Mushroom Medley and Cranberry Clean Snax®. more info
Exotic and Tropical Fruit Sampler Box
Exotic and Tropical Fruit Sampler Box
Our Price: $54.00

Featured on CBS the Early Show TV and In Style Magazine more info
Ojai Pixie Crate
Ojai Pixie Tangerine Crate
Our Price: $48.79

Enjoy the sweet flavor of Pixie Tangerines from the remarkable Ojai
Valley — where each and every piece of fruit tastes like a little bit of
more info
Orange Tomato Clusters
Orange Tomato Clusters
Our Price: $43.70

Melissa’s Cluster Tomatoes are great all year. Cluster Tomatoes are wonderful in pastas and sauces due to their sweet flavor. more info
Organic Mixed Fruit Only Box
Organic Mixed Fruit Only Box
Our Price: $43.00

This delicious fresh fruit box is a seasonal assortment of our juicy certified organic fruits. more info