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Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes Baby Purple Potatoes Baby Red Potatoes
Baby Purple Potatoes
Our Price: $15.79
Baby Red Potatoes
Our Price: $12.29
These baby potatoes can be cooked in almost any way imaginable and provide a delicious way to round out a healthy diet. They have a light, subtle flavor and a creamy texture. To preserve the nutrients in these wonderfully healthy treats, leave the skins on and simply scrub gently in water before using. Purple potatoes are similar in taste to a regular russet. They have a creamy texture and are rich in flavor. There are several types of variety potatoes available from Melissa's. The Thin-skinned types include Baby Red Potatoes (also know as Red Creamers).
Baby Ruby Gold Potatoes Baby White Potatoes Crimson & Gold Potatoes
Baby Ruby Gold® Potatoes
Our Price: $13.30
Crimson & Gold Potatoes
Our Price: $17.49
These baby potatoes can be cooked in almost any way imaginable. They have a light, subtle flavor and a creamy texture. A welcome addition to the large variety of potatoes available from Melissa’s, Baby White Potatoes are simply young potatoes with less starch and more flavor. Melissa’s Crimson & Gold Potatoes are a mix of creamy Dutch Yellow potatoes and Ruby Gold potatoes.
Fingerling Potatoes Garlic, Onions and Potatoes Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes
Our Price: $14.49

Fingerling potatoes are grown for flavor and tenderness, not quantity or size, thus resulting in the best potato available.

Featured in this pack are two bulbs of Colossal Garlic, two Maui Onions, and two 16 oz. packages of Gemstone Potatoes.

The Garnet is also called the red yam. Quite moist, its orange-yellow flesh is described as being "succulent" and having an excellent flavor.

Gemstone Potatoes Japanese Murasaki Sweet Potatoes Jewel Sweet Potatoes
Gemstone® Potatoes
Our Price: $11.80

Melissa’s Gemstone Potatoes are a mixture of the some of the best-tasting baby potatoes around.

Attractive reddish-purple skin with a pure white interior, the Japanese “Murasaki” has a sweet, nutty flavor and slightly dry texture. Jewel "yams" have a deep orange moist flesh wrapped tightly in a copper-colored to orangey skin. The flavor is somewhat bland.
Melissa's Dutch Potato Trays Microwaveable Potatoes and Organic Baby Yams Oca
Enjoy buttery delicious Dutch Yellow® potatoes with creamy four cheese or tangy peppercorn sauce, or the Dutch Red™ Potatoes with dijon mustard sauce.
Four convenient packs of kitchen-ready varietal potatoes that can be served straight from the package after a quick six minutes in the microwave! Oca is a firm small waxy crinkled tuber with a tangy, acidic nutty flavor.