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Toasting Pecans or Other Nuts

Pecans, as well as other nuts, may be toasted to enhance their flavor.

There are two ways to toast nuts: in a 350 degree oven for about seven minutes, stirring them from time to time to prevent burning, or on the stove top in a skillet.

To prevent fresh chestnuts from exploding, carefully score each nut through the skin using the tip of a knife to make an 'x' on the rounded side of the nut.

You may wish to prevent slippage by placing nut on a skid-proof surface before scoring.

Toasting Pecans or Other Nuts

Toast on medium to high heat, stirring frequently.

Toasting Pecans or Other Nuts

As soon as nuts begin to smoke a little, they release their aroma and are ready.

Chestnuts are ready when their skin is dark and peels back slightly. The flesh appears lightly golden.

Toasting Pecans or Other Nuts

Transfer to a bowl or plastic bag and cover or seal to allow steaming and further cooking of chestnuts.

Toasting Pecans or Other Nuts

Once cooled, chestnuts are ready to peel and enjoy.

Be sure to let them cool before chopping.

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