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Product Spotlight

  • Image of Figs
    Melissa's Produce

    Summer’s Best

    August 2021
    Melissa's Heirloom Figs are various varieties of figs, including Black Mission, Tiger Stripe, Kadota, Sierra and Brown Turkey. All grown fresh in California's Central Valley, figs are a luscious fruit that's high in fiber and full of flavor! 
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  • Summer is Here!
    Melissa's Produce

    Summer is Here!

    June 2020
    Pixie Tangerines are exceptionally sweet tangerines. They are a hybrid of a King and a Dancy tangerine. Pixies are not only sweet and delicious...
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  • Yellow Watermelon
    Melissa's Produce

    Keeping Summer Nice and Cool...

    June 2019
    Yellow watermelon originated in Africa and is available in the US. For everyone to enjoy! Yellow watermelon is sweeter than red watermelon and usually has a thicker rind than red watermelon.
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