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Plant Based 411

  • Creamy Lobster Mushroom Bisque
    Melissa's Produce

    Scrumptious Season’s Eatings

    December 2019
    Thanksgiving may be over, but the season of giving has just begun. We’ll be opening our homes to family and friends, and opening our hearts to those less fortunate. 
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  • Fall Farro Risotto
    Melissa's Produce

    Fall Farro Risotto

    November 2019
    Although the use of Italian Arborio rice is traditional in the preparation of risotto, farro is a nicely chewy, nutritionally rich substitute. 
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  • Kung Pao Vegetables
    Melissa's Produce

    Celebrating Chinese New Year

    February 2019
    Chinese New Year is celebrated by one quarter of the world’s population, throughout 12 Asian countries, so this count doesn’t include celebrants from other places, including right here in the U.S.
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