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Plant Based 411

  • Image of Roasted Hatch Pepper and Six Bean Medley Burritos
    Melissa's Produce

    Roasted Hatch Pepper and Six Bean Medley Burritos

    August 2021
    I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve never ordered a burrito in a restaurant. Maybe because I don’t want to have the dairy products and meat traditionally included, and I don’t think I’d get the whole burrito experience if they were left out. 
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  • Plant-Based Picadillo
    Melissa's Produce

    Plant-Based Picadillo

    May 2019
    Traditionally a mixture of ground meat, onions, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes, picadillo is used as a filling for tacos (Mexico) or served over rice with black beans (Cuba). 
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  • Image of Plant-Based Tacos
    Melissa's Produce

    Let’s Get This Plant-Based Taco Fiesta Started!

    May 2015
    This month we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo, to honor a victory by the Mexican army in the Battle of Puebla. So I’m putting the food focus on tacos and all their versatility, variety, simplicity, or complexity – the choices are yours to make.
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