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Plant Based 411

  • Image of Ukrainian Beet & Potato Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    Ukrainian Beet & Potato Salad

    October 2022
    This month’s recipe pays homage to my grandfather’s homeland of Odessa, Ukraine. Many Ukrainian recipes descend from ancient peasant dishes, incorporating Slavic and European styles and techniques.
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  • Image of Rice with Things
    Melissa's Produce

    Rice with Things

    March 2017
    Paella, pronounced pie-aye-ah, is a Valencian dish built around saffron-infused rice. Onions, garlic, peppers, peas, artichokes and tomatoes are classic add-ins...
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  • Image of Musical Fruit Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    Musical Fruit Salad

    July 2016
    “Beans, beans – the musical fruit…” is a cute little ditty many of us learned as kids. Of course it wasn’t actually referring to beans as fruit, but it rhymed with toot which was the music the song was really about.
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