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Plant Based 411

  • Image of Mexican Sloppy Joes
    Melissa's Produce

    Mexican Sloppy Joes

    May 2022
    Here’s a childhood favorite, reassuringly familiar but with a Mexican twist in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. A Sloppy Joe (Jose?) is traditionally a sandwich with a mess of cooked ground beef, onions, green peppers and spicy tomato sauce plopped into a basic hamburger bun.
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  • Chopped Salad du Jour
    Melissa's Produce

    New Year Reset

    January 2020
    What’s PC for 2020? It’s Portion Control, meaning moderation at meal time. The holidays of indulgence have come to an end and we’ve got to get down to the business of resetting...
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  • Pink Pumpkin & Charleston Yam Gnocchi
    Melissa's Produce

    Gnocchi for a Good Cause

    October 2019
    Pink Pumpkins are available now in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This special variety is pale pink on the outside to be different...
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