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Low Carb Kitchen

  • Image of Chicken Noodle Lunch
    Melissa's Produce

    Chicken Noodle Lunch

    March 2015
    Last month I presented a complete low glycemic breakfast. So let’s continue through the day to a tasty lunch-in-a-bowl that uses ingredients that will not generate either a mid-afternoon carbohydrate crash...
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  • Image of Avocado ‘n Egg
    Melissa's Produce

    For Starters

    February 2015
    Since being diagnosed with Diabetes-2 some twenty years ago, these two scores have become the keel that guides my own meal plans.
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  • Image of Lamb-Garbanzo Meatballs
    Melissa's Produce

    The Low-Carb Kitchen: Lamb-Garbanzo Meatballs

    January 2015
    One needs to pay attention to both glycemic scores because a food could have a high glycemic index in general, but, if very little sugar exists in a typical serving size, then its glycemic load may be low.
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