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Low Carb Kitchen

  • Image of Cabbage Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solutions: No Mayo Summer Cabbage Salad

    June 2021
    In June, the kitchen stove is replaced with the backyard grill more often than not, which means coming up with simple side dishes that do not require more heat to prepare than the outside summer temperature. 
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  • Image of Zucchini Nacho Bites
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solutions: Nachos!

    May 2021
    May's Cinco de Mayo celebrations always present a low-carb challenge for me, especially when it comes to one of my favorites, Nachos. Unfortunately, the primary ingredient of this dish is extremely high carb, high-calorie corn tortilla chips. 
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  • Image of Strawberries
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solutions: Sunday Brunch Buffet

    April 2021
    I think my favorite meal is not breakfast, lunch or dinner – but rather Sunday brunch! Both April and May have traditional opportunities for brunch-heads, first with Easter and then Mother’s Day next month. 
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  • Avocado Lime Sorbet
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solution: Dessert for the Irish

    March 2021
    Bad news:
     everyone’s annual St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl, from green beer to green beer, must be cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Plan B: It is suggested that we all hunker down...
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  • Chia Pudding with Poached Tangerines
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solutions: Chia Breakfast

    January 2021
    I inadvertently bumped into a sugared version of this recipe while searching the ‘net for a low-carb savory dish featuring winter citrus for this month. 
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  • Butternut Mascarpone Bake
    Melissa's Produce

    Carb Solution: Hard Squash Reboot

    October 2020
    While many hard squash varieties are available year-round, the most flavorful harvests become available in the fall and winter, which is no doubt why this category also goes by the alias of 
    winter squash.
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