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Recipes from the Breakroom

  • Image of Lentil & Garbanzo Soup Pot
    Melissa's Produce

    A Warming Winter Soup Pot

    January 2016
    Here’s a very timely recipe for the winter season, cooked up by Hilda Villalobos in Melissa’s Mail Order Department, guaranteed to take the chill out of the coldest of January days.
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  • Image of Citrus Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    Citrus Salad Celebration!

    November 2015
    Kick off the winter citrus season with this deliciously stunning salad, a favorite dish of Melissa’s in-house foodie and Procurement Category Manager, John Dunham.
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  • Image of Organic Blueberries
    Melissa's Produce

    Steve Calabro

    January 2012
    While this feature usually spotlights how one of Melissa’s professional chef clients would prepare and present fresh seasonal ingredients on a plate, this month’s fresh produce components are being served in a glass, rather than under glass - martini, goblet and tall cocktail glasses, to be specific.
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