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Recipes from the Breakroom

  • Soyrizo Breakfast Tacos
    Melissa's Produce

    Breakfast of Champions

    February 2020
    Here’s a quick and easy breakfast, submitted by Kyle Steinbrick of Melissa’s Sales Team, which uses two of the company’s most popular products – Dutch Yellow® Potatoes and Soyrizo.
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  • Faux Fried "Rice"
    Melissa's Produce

    Faux Fried "Rice"

    December 2019
    This month’s featured recipe is another submission from the kitchen of John Dunham, Melissa’s Procurement Category Manager...
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  • Soy Won Tons
    Melissa's Produce

    Won Ton Boats

    July 2019
    Here’s a very tasty, slightly addictive, fun-to-make won ton recipe using Melissa’s Soy Ground as the main filling ingredient.
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