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Flavor First

  • Image of The Magic of Dried Mushrooms
    Melissa's Produce

    The Magic of (Dried) Mushrooms

    October 2021
    Mushrooms are loaded with nutrients and have high water content (which makes them filling). They’re low in calories, with an earthy, nutty flavor and umami—a Japanese word that translates to “savory” or “meaty.”
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  • Easy Tomato and Mushroom Curry
    Melissa's Produce

    A Happy Healthy New Year!

    January 2020
    Whether you’re trying to check out a vegetarian lifestyle or simply want to increase your vegetable intake this year – either way, you’re making a great choice. 
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  • Simple Sukiyaki
    Melissa's Produce

    Sizzling Hot Pots

    February 2019
    One of our favorite things on cold rainy winter nights are Asian 
    hot pot dinners which reign supreme from Japan to Cambodia. 
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