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Flavor First

  • More Reasons To Love Chocolate
    Melissa's Produce

    More Reasons To Love Chocolate

    January 2014
    If you love cocoa and chocolate as much as I do, read on! Cocoa beans are among the richest sources of antioxidants called flavonoids and polyphenols—similar to those found in wine—which benefit both your physical and mental health...
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  • Image of Manzano Bananas
    Melissa's Produce

    Bananas for Manzanos!

    April 2012
    Though I recently moved to a farm, and planted as many varieties of vegetables and fruit as I could, bananas will not be in the mix.
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  • Image of Winter Squash
    Melissa's Produce

    Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake

    January 2012
    Whether or not my clients are trying to lose weight, gain weight, lower cholesterol or strengthen their immune system, I’m always trying to increase fruit and vegetable intake.
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