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Flavor First

  • Image of Quick and Creamy Black Beans
    Melissa's Produce

    Easy Cooking Under Pressure

    March 2018
    Most of us are very busy people. With that in mind, most of the recipes I develop are easy to prepare. I try not to use too many fancy ingredients or expensive kitchen tools either.
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  • Image of French Onion Soup
    Melissa's Produce


    June 2015
    Growing up in Minnesota, onions were a standard ingredient in my mother’s cooking. Though they never played a starring role, they were a consistent flavoring in her casseroles (aka “hot dishes”), roasted meats, salads and appetizers.
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  • Image of Quinoa Grains
    Melissa's Produce

    Fanesca Fish and Grain Soup

    February 2013
    A frosty morning is Mother Nature's cry for hearty fare that warms us from the inside out. A steaming bowl of robust soup is a delicious answer.
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