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Ethnic Sensations

  • Image of The Rockin’ Oaxacan
    Melissa's Produce

    The Rockin’ Oaxacan

    August 2015
    A magical flavor pairing occurs when you mix freshly-squeezed beet juice, smoky Mexican mescal, fresh citrus juices, smoked sea salt and mint…an exquisite new cocktail that puts a whole new spin on its signature ingredient— the red beet.
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  • Image of Matchstick Yellow and Green Zucchini Salad with Meyer Lemon, Grape Seed Oil and Fresh Mint
    Melissa's Produce


    October 2009
    This light and refreshing salad (which doubles as a side dish) will pull you out of that time crunch fast; just pair it with a precooked rotisserie chicken and you’re eating a quick, healthy meal.
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