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Cookin' With The Kids

  • Image of grapes and carrots
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Carrots & Grapes

    September 2014
    With the month of September comes the sweetest of grape varieties, the Muscato™. This grape has a high natural sugar content that kids will love.
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  • Image of Stuffed Pumpkin
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Pumpkins and Apples

    December 2011
    In celebration of the holiday season, I thought I would double up on the featured fresh ingredients as well as present two recipes that need a little more cooking time than the usual quick-time fare this feature offers, geared to the busy family.
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  • Image of stuffed apples
    Melissa's Produce

    Baked Stuffed Apple

    September 2009
    Take advantage of the early fall apple season with this simple, healthy and absolutely scrumptious baked apple dish that your kids will have great fun preparing with just a little adult supervision.
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