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Cookin' With The Kids

  • Image of Jicama Sticks
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Jicama Sticks

    May 2016
    In the spirit of May’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, here’s a fun snack or appetizer appropriately dressed in the colors of the Mexican flag that is very kid-friendly both in preparation and taste!
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  • Image of Garbanzo Tots
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Crispy Garbanzo Tots

    January 2016
    While it is impossible to truly replicate the unique crispy texture and taste of the iconic tater tot, here’s a healthier version that comes close without the use of deep-fried oil or even potatoes...
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  • Image of White Gazpacho
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Savory Grapes

    August 2013
    August brings on the domestic grape harvest. These succulent little nuggets of sweet goodness have basked in the warm summer sun, growing plump and developing their natural sugars for several months.
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