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Two Great Celebrations!

Cinco de Mayo
On May 5, 1862, in Puebla, Mexico, about 2,000 Mexican soldiers under the command of General Ignacio de Zaragoza, defeated invading French forces of 6,000 men. During this important national holiday, parades and mock battles — using fruits as ammunition — are the highlight of the day. Dances, parties, fireworks, and patriotic foods, all celebrate the victory at Puebla. Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo as if it was one of their personal triumphs, but it is not. It is merely another day of fun, food and festivities. Melissa’s has some great food suggestions to create a delicious holiday from mole to guacamole! Mole is a sauce made from chile, spices, and chocolate. It is wonderful to eat with many Mexican dishes.
Image of Mother's Day Menu
Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is a nationwide celebration with food, flowers and gifts. Mother’s everywhere are showered with hand-made gifts and cards and special meals are prepared to celebrate this once a year holiday. From breakfast in bed, to a family cooked meal, tradition says mom is not supposed to do anything but what she wants on this special day. Restaurants are also the busiest on Mother’s Day, so Melissa’s suggests a simple but delicious meal prepared at home.
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