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Time to Give Thanks!

Image of Winter Squashes
November is a time to give thanks for everything around us. We enjoy our families and friends and show our appreciation on Thanksgiving. Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November (this year it is November 26th) this annual tradition brings families and friends together for a feast of thanks. Originally a thanks to God by the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony who survived a brutal winter safely, the first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days and provided food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. Today’s Thanksgiving feast has many similarities in the foods that were served: Berries, Fruit, Pumpkin and Squash.
Image of Cranberries
Melissa’s wants to celebrate with you, by offering some serving suggestions to enhance your current day Thanksgiving Day feast. Try mixing grains with your favorite stuffing recipe to add fiber and nutrition. Add Fresh or Dried Cranberries and you have a delicious healthy side. Other fun appetizers are Dragon Fruit slices placed on top of a Starfruit slice, then topped with a dollop of yogurt. Try simple Melba toast rounds topped with Melissa's Sun Dried Tomato Pesto mixed with cream cheese. Everyone will love it and it is fast and simple to make.
Image of Roasted Dutch Yellow® Potatoes
Planning ahead is important for a successful holiday meal. Prepare your turkey early in the morning and cook it all day to get the aroma in the air. Use a turkey "bag" to insure a moist turkey and it basically takes care of itself (no basting). You can even toss your veggies in the bag with the turkey. Use plenty of baby fingerlings, baby carrots and even pearl or boiler onions to serve as a tasty side dish. Melissa’s new steamed vegetables are fast and delicious as a side dish. Our Roasted Brussels Sprouts are popular for any holiday meal. Organic Baby Yams are always a hit served casserole style topped with marshmallows. Fresh cranberry sauce and our newest item, Roasted Dutch Yellow® Potatoes will be perfect sides, along with the green bean casserole that everyone loves and looks forward to every holiday season. Make it simple and easy, but tasty and filling.

Be sure to serve plenty of fresh vegetables before and during your holiday meals to help offset all the wonderful foods you will be eating!
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