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Chef In the Kitchen

  • Image of Blood Orange Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    Happy New Year 2022!

    January 2022
    Ready-made foods in local supermarkets are growing in popularity. Convenience is the priority, but it is becoming more mainstream than in the past: ready-made, healthier foods, and more and more prepared food delivery services are available, making it mindless! You can also meal prep, which requires a bit more planning.
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  • Pumpkins
    Melissa's Produce

    Time to Give Thanks!

    November 2019
    November celebrates two holidays that we give our thanks for. The first is Veteran's Day, which is celebrated on November 11. 
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  • Baby Vegetable Basket
    Melissa's Produce

    Happy New Year!

    January 2019
    The New Year is here! Every year, we discover new and better ways to become or stay healthy. One of the latest trends is convenience; not only are markets making things easier by having ready-made...
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