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Summer Is in Full Swing

Image of grapes
Try some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the kids happy and healthy; summer fruits are at their peak and the kids are hungry for these healthy juicy treats. Asian pears, Muscato™ Grapes and baby pineapples are all in abundant supply; perfect for beach days, camp days or just play days!

Some fun serving ideas:
  • Slice up some juicy Asian pears and serve with string cheese... Take a baby pineapple, wrap a paper towel or napkin around the prickly top, then place on a cutting board and trim the hard shell and one quick slice off the bottom- you now have a pineapple “popsicle”! The kids love them. Another fun treat is frozen grapes… just remove them from the stems, place in a baggie and freeze… these are fun, delicious and nutritious! If you want to go even more exotic, try some fresh lychees…juicy and delicious and a refreshing treat, too! Barbecues are heating up and grilled vegetables are the perfect way to enjoy your summer meals. Grill up some delicious eggplant, boiler onions and baby potatoes for a great healthy treat everyone will love. Not only is it delicious, but low-fat and nutritious, too.
  • Try baking baby Dutch Yellow® potatoes with a little olive oil and minced garlic… you will be in for an outrageous treat! Fresh corn, summer squash and even tomatoes are perfect on the grill. Try loading your plate with more veggies than protein all summer and you will notice a pleasant surprise when you slip your jeans on this fall! Summer doesn’t get any better with all Melissa’s fresh fruits and vegetables!
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