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Certified Organic

  • Baby Banana
    Melissa's Produce

    Summer Produce Just Feels Right!

    June 2019
    You can feel it in the air – summer is getting closer by the day, and it’s the perfect time to take stock of all we’d love to do during the glory days of warmth and sunlight. 
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  • Sumo Citrus
    Melissa's Produce

    A Little Box of Sunshine!

    March 2019
    For many, March is still tied too closely to winter’s frigid fingers to generate a lot of excitement for springtime produce. Don’t get left in the cold this month when you can dive into a sea of citrus...

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  • Organic Swiss Chard
    Melissa's Produce

    Take Chard of the Holidays

    December 2018
    Ah, the 12
    th month has rolled around which means whether you celebrate quietly or in grandiose fashion, you are most likely looking for something to make…
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