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Certified Organic

  • Image of Organic Apples
    Melissa's Produce

    What's the Story?

    September 2017
    Do you take Melissa's organic apples for granted? Many of us do. It would be easy to do, as they are so easy to eat, store and are probably the most perfect on-the-go fruit when you come to think of it.
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  • Image of Organic Fuji Apples
    Melissa's Produce

    It's the Little Things

    February 2017
    During this month we may feel the pressure to buy or do something extraordinary to show the special person or people in our life how much we care.
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  • Image of red apples
    Melissa's Produce

    How About Them Apples

    September 2010
    We have all eaten Red Delicious apples and maybe even given them to our favorite third grade teacher as a gift.
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