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  • Image of Carrots
    Melissa's Produce

    A Bunch of Flavor

    May 2017
    Did you know that wild carrots are not naturally orange, but white, purple or yellow? In Central Asia, where carrots were first cultivated, purple and yellow ones grew wild—and still do.
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  • Image of organic fruits and vegetables
    Melissa's Produce

    Home Lunch and Exercise

    February 2012
    I was preparing for my radio show An Organic Conservations the other day and found some interesting information on childhood obesity from a University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study.
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  • Image of Parsnips
    Melissa's Produce


    January 2011
    Roast them with some beets, rutabagas, and potatoes that have been tossed in olive oil and a little salt and pepper and you’ve got the start of something special for dinner.
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