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Certified Organic

  • Organic Lemons
    Melissa's Produce

    If Life Hands You Lemons, Rejoice!

    April 2020
    Like the author Emilyann Allen exclaims, lemons are not the symbol of bad luck everyone says they are. They are actually quite the opposite as observed throughout history. It’s all in what you do with them. 
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  • Organic Raspberries
    Melissa's Produce

    What a Berry!

    July 2019
    You pick up some organic raspberries at the store. You look for fresh-looking, plump berries and use them within two days. You know to store them dry, then rinse thoroughly before using. 
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  • Organic Valencia Oranges
    Melissa's Produce

    Love and Old Friends

    April 2019
    I fell in love again this spring with an old friend that has been with me since childhood. When we first met it was a sugary tart encounter segmented in its own bowl of delight on Sunday mornings.
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