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Buy one order of Pinkglow® Pineapples, and get 3 tote bags for free! Use Code BOG3 at checkout.

Easy Camping Meals with Melissa’s

I LOVE camping!

Sleeping in a tent, sunrise coffee, walking under a canopy of stars, briskly cold lake or river swimming on a hot day, and of course—if it’s not summer in California—sitting by the campfire at night.

I was recently able to break out my camping gear at this spring’s Strawberry Music Festival. While it’s not deep woods or high mountain camping, it includes most of the components I mentioned above—along with good friends and great bluegrass, roots and Americana music.

This year I loved discovering AJ Lee and Blue Summit. They presented a wonderful combination of undeniably talented musicians, great songwriting, and beautiful vocals. Quote the Raven from Canada provided sweet songs and stories for our afternoons, and Della Mae knocked our socks off with a rousing Sunday closing set that topped off a fantastic long weekend.
Image of Cooked Quinoa
I also really enjoyed cooking on my Coleman stove under a canopy of trees, and that’s where Melissa’s came to the rescue! Before I left, I was perusing and noticed their camping essentials banner across the home page. The timing was perfect and the selection of items provided the inspiration I needed to put together a couple of easy music festival meals. For this trip, I chose Melissa’s ready-to-use quinoa, polenta and Soyrizo.
Image of Organic Polenta
Quinoa and polenta are easy to cook - and a tasty addition to any meal, but Melissa’s quinoa and polenta chubs I found in my local produce department made enjoying these so much easier while I was camping.
Image of Organic Yellow Onions
I sliced, fried, and topped the polenta with homemade cilantro pesto, cojita and a big slice of tomato. The quinoa was similarly sliced and fried, with grilled organic yellow onions, an over-easy egg and organic avocado to top it off. I cooked up the Soyrizo with some onions and Melissa’s mini peppers, which became a perfect filling with rice for burrito night and a wonderful addition to baked potatoes on the first night home from the weekend.

No matter how you eat when you’re camping or out and about, Melissa’s has you covered with its wide array of healthy and delicious options in the camping essentials section. Now that we have all of the tents, coolers, and sleeping bags from this trip aired out, cleaned and put away, it’s time to start planning meals for my next camping trip to Lost Lake in Oregon next month!
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