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Finger Bananas
Finger Bananas


This item is perishable and must ship at least 2nd day.

Produce Managers & Chefs: Please contact your Melissa's sales representative for price & availability.
Seasonality Jan-Dec
Origin Ecuador

Product Code: 614

Considered a food staple around the world, there are over 300 varieties of bananas worldwide. Baby Bananas, although somewhat smaller than the most popular yellow Cavendish banana, are actually sweeter. Native to tropical and sub-tropical areas like Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, small crops are also grown in California and Florida.

Widely used in Latin American, African and Asian and Pacific Rim cuisine, Melissa’s Baby Bananas (available in 15 pound units) are amazingly versatile. Shaped like miniature slender bananas, this small, crunchy specialty banana is usually eaten out of hand or sliced raw for use in fruit salads. Peeled Baby Bananas can also be left whole and gently baked or flambeed with brown sugar, brandy or rum. Baby Bananas should not be confused with Manzanos, which are a somewhat different shape and not as sweet.
Peel and leave whole for decorative use. Slice and add to fruit salads.

Baby Bananas from Melissa’s are hand-selected for excellent quality. As is true with most bananas, Baby Bananas are harvested green and allowed to ripen during transport to their destination. Avoid bananas with split skins. Bananas with brown or black spotted peels only indicate ripeness, while the fruit itself remains unchanged. Store at room temperature. Once ripe, Baby Bananas may be refrigerated for a few days.

This item is perishable and ships 2nd Day.

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