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Fragrant Pears

This item is currently not in season.

For Chefs & Produce Managers
Food Service: 323-584-4940
Produce Managers: 800-468-7111

Quantity/Pack: 3.75 lbs. (about 14 pieces)
Seasonality: Feb & Nov - Dec
Origin: China

Melissa’s Fragrant Pears are a new variety pear and come from the Xinjiang region of Western China where they have been cultivated for over 1300 years. Revered by the Chinese for centuries as the finest pear of all varieties, they are treated like true royalty. They are uniquely shaped, medium-sized, sweet, juicy, and they offer a crunchy texture. These pears have a floral scent, which is why they are called Fragrant Pears.

They are cultivated in a premium growing region for optimum flavor and each fruit is carefully hand wrapped in tissue and foam to protect the surface and ensure a picture perfect pear boasting a sweet honey-like aroma.

Great when eaten as a snack, as well as added to a salad.

Melissa’s Fragrant Pears are hand-selected for excellent quality. Usually sold ripe and ready to eat, choose Fragrant Pears that are firm. Once purchased, Fragrant Pears can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

This item is perishable and must ship at least 2nd day.