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Asian Pear Black Muscato Grapes Champagne Grapes
Asian Pear
Our Price: $14.29
Black Muscatos™ Grapes
Our Price: $17.79
Champagne Grapes
Our Price: $14.69
Melissa's Asian Pears are remarkably juicy and refreshing, with a mild and sweet pear-flavored flesh and a very crisp, crunchy apple-like texture. Seasonal Muscato Grapes from Melissa's are a delicious cross between the Muscat, the Thompson seedless, and other varieties. Grapes are edible berries that grow in clusters on a vine. Believed to have originated in Western Asia, they are one of the oldest cultivated plants and are known to have digestive and therapeutic properties.
Golden Berries aka Cape Gooseberries Green Muscato Grapes Habanero Chile
Green Muscatos™ Grapes
Our Price: $17.79
Habanero Chile
Our Price: $15.49
These flavorful bite-sized fruits have a multitude of names such as Golden Berries, Husk Tomatoes, Ground Cherries, Inca Berries, Aztec Berries, Peruvian Cherries and Poha. Seasonal Muscato Grapes from Melissa's are a delicious cross between the Muscat, the Thompson seedless, and other varieties. Melissa’s turns up the heat with fresh Habanero Chiles. The lantern shaped Habanero (which means "from Havana") is one of the hotter chile grown in the world! It has been estimated that the Habanero is 30 to 50 times hotter than the jalapeno.
Hatch Chiles Jalapeño Chile Jelly Drop™ Grapes
Hatch Chiles
Our Price: $14.29
Jalapeno Chile
Our Price: $6.79
Jelly Drop™ Grapes
Our Price: $18.79
Hatch Chiles have a meaty flesh and mild-medium heat making them ideal for use in Chile Con Queso, Chile Rellenos, and Chile Verde. Jalapenos are found in a multitude of Latin dishes. Ranging from mild to very hot with a green vegetable flavor.  Red Jalapenos have a sweeter flavor and are often pickled or smoked to make chipotles. Jelly Drop™ Grapes are a hybrid of the popular Thompson table grape and the seeded Concord grape.
Korean Melons Manzano Chile Organic Baby Red Potatoes
Korean Melons
Our Price: $16.29
Manzano Chile
Our Price: $22.79
Organic Baby Red Potatoes
Our Price: $21.99
Korean melons have a juicy white flesh.  They also have a large seed cavity in the center filled with inedible seeds. Manzano chiles are relatives of the hot and spicy South American Rocoto pepper. There are several types of variety potatoes available from Melissa's. The Thin-skinned types include Baby Red Potatoes (also know as Red Creamers).
Organic Baby Yellow Potatoes Organic Black Seedless Grapes Organic Drinking Coconuts
Organic Drinking Coconuts
Our Price: $28.59
The thin-skinned Organic Baby Yellow Potatoes are round to oblong and
have a delicate cream-colored skin that is entirely edible.
Melissa’s Organic Black Seedless Grapes are grown in a micro-climate vineyard in Central California. Why bother with a bottle or a can when Mother Nature herself has already created the perfect beverage—coconut water—and the perfect vessel—the coconut itself!