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Asian Snack Mix Chestnut Roasting Kit Chestnuts
Melissa’s new Asian Snack Mix is a tasty blend of rice crackers and sesame sticks mixed with peanuts, almonds and cashews. Melissa’s Chestnut Roasting Kit is the ideal kit for home roasters. It contains all you need including an 11” Steel Chestnut Roasting Pan, 2 lbs. of fresh Chestnuts, as well as detailed roasting instructions. They can be roasted, baked, boiled, pureed, candied, preserved or even microwaved.
Chile Pistachio Nuts Clean Snax Party Pack with Chia and Flaxseed Coconut Opener
Coconut Opener
Our Price: $5.49
Don Enrique's Chile Pistachio Nuts are a deliciously spicy, crunchy snack sensation! Melissa’s new Clean SnaxTM Party Pack contains the same four tasty varieties that are available individually in one tray, suitable for entertaining a large group: Almond, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut and Cranberry.  Each variety also contains nutrient-packed chia and flaxseed laced with honey and lightly salted. The perfect tool for enjoying the refreshing water of Melissa's Sweet Young Coconut.
Coquitos EZ Open Sweet Young Coconuts Green Almonds
Melissa’s Coquitos are nuts cultivated from a Chilean Palm trees. They closely resemble coconuts in appearance but are much smaller. They taste of rich coconut with a sweet, nutty taste and have a crunchy texture you'll love. Melissa's EZ Open Coconuts are indeed one of nature's sweetest gifts.
This rare delicacy, usually limited to the kitchens of five-star restaurants, is available during a very short harvest window in the spring.
Hazelnuts Italian Chestnuts Italian Pine Nuts
Our Price: $15.00
Fresh shelled hazelnuts, great as a snack right out of the package. Melissa's Italian Chestnuts are holiday favorites! Imported from Italy, Melissa's chestnuts are the highest quality available. They can be roasted, baked, boiled, pureed, candied, preserved or even microwaved.

Also called pinons, pignoli and pignolia, Melissa's Pine Nuts are harvested from pine cones grown in Italy. The kernels can be eaten raw, tossed in salads or roasted and salted like peanuts.

Macadamia Nuts Nut Lovers Organic Peeled & Steamed Chestnuts (Whole Peeled Cooked)
Macadamia Nuts
Our Price: $18.80
Nut Lovers
Our Price: $17.70
Macadamias have a rich, smooth, buttery flavor excellent in cookies, sauces, and ice cream. Also crush and use as a topping for chicken or fish. Millions of nut lovers can't be wrong. Go nuts over these varieties favored in Hawaii, Germany, and Italy. These Chestnuts are all natural with no preservatives or additives. They are delicious cold or hot in various recipes or as a garnish. There is no need to add anything to them; they are full of flavor and ready-to-eat.