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Guest Chef

  • Steamed Lentil Dip
    Melissa's Produce

    Dippin' with Lentils

    April 2019
    This month’s featured dish, submitted by Derek Hernandez of Melissa’s Marketing Department, demonstrates another delicious way to enjoy the convenience of Melissa’s Steamed Lentils. 
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  • Calabacitas
    Melissa's Produce


    March 2019
    Literally translated, “calabacitas” is Spanish for “little squash”; however, in New Mexico, it is the name of a quintessential side dish considered a culinary icon of the region. 
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  • Pork and Red Chile Sauce Tamales
    Melissa's Produce

    Holiday Hot Tamales II

    December 2018
    The ancient Aztec culture is credited with coming up with the first packet of masa meal, which has evolved over the centuries into the modern-day tamale.
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