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Recipes from the Breakroom

  • Image of Roasted Vegetable Soup
    Melissas Produce

    Roasted Vegetable Soup

    October 2023
    Here’s a recipe that comes along just in time to help warm us as October’s chilly temperatures signal that the fall season is here.
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  • Image of Cipolline Chicken
    Melissa's Produce

    A Cipolline Celebration!

    May 2016
    Here’s another extremely tasty main course recipe from the kitchen of our Procurement Department’s Master Home Chef, John Dunham.
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  • Image of Risotto Di Zucca by Chef Chas La Forte
    Melissa's Produce

    Guest Chef Chas La Forte

    October 2009
    The preparation of Risotto is a learned art. This traditional Italian dish has a series of seemly simple steps that require both a patient focus and a sense of timing to get right.
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