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Save 15% off selected items for February. Sale ends 2/29/24. Use code FEBPROMOS >

The Weather Is Changing and Things Are Beginning to FALL!

Colors are changing to browns, golds, and oranges, and new seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables become available to warm our kitchens. Fall leaves and decorations begin appearing, and the warmth of winter will soon follow.
Image of Freaky Fruit®
Fall also means that it's Freaky Fruit® season! Unusual fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more common in markets and households alike. It’s no surprise to have a bowl filled with Kiwano melons or cherimoyas on your kitchen counter. It’s time to get creative with fun displays of fresh fruits!
Image of Dragon Fruit
You can expect to see our line-up of Freaky Fruits® make their appearance in markets and homes nationwide, just in time for Halloween; our Dragon Fruit, Buddha's hand, Starfruit, and more are spooktacular!
Image of Witches Brew Elixir
Want to create your own Freaky Fruit® arrangement? Check out our website for ideas.
Image of pumpkin
Cooler Weather, Comfort Foods and Halloween
October brings us cooler weather and more comfort foods! Home-cooked meals to warm the heart and soul. Pumpkins are the most popular squash for October, carving them into Jack-o-Lanterns and making them into pies. Hard squash is perfect for baking or roasting. Use any hard squash shell as a vessel for serving your vegetable or even use it for serving soup, chili and more. You can use small squash as decorations, centerpieces and even individual sides.

At the end of October, we celebrate one of the most anticipated holidays of fall. Millions of Americans spend October 31 dressing up in funny, scary, and realistic costumes, eating candy and fun treats after gathering them from homes in the neighborhood. Groups gather for parties, bringing their favorite “spooky” dishes to share. There are many stories about Halloween, some religious and others superstitious.

However you decide to spend October, don’t forget to check out Melissa’s Fall items.
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