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Okinawa Sweet Potatoes
Okinawa Sweet Potatoes
Our Price: $36.19

The inside of the Okinawa Sweet Potato is a bright magenta color; very surprising, yet pleasing to the eye. more info
Organic Baby Yams
Organic Baby Yams (Sweet Potato)
Our Price: $19.29

These delicious and nutritious vegetable makes a tasty garnish or you can mix the varieties to create a colorful side dish. more info
Organic Baby Japanese Yams
Organic Baby Japanese Yams (Sweet Potato)
Our Price: $18.49

Four beautiful petite varieties, minimum 3/4" in diameter, Baby Japanese Yams have a white creamy interior and a red colored skin. more info
Organic Yams
Organic Yams (Sweet Potato)
Our Price: $14.99

Organic Yams are preferred for reasons of taste, health and the environment. more info
Purple Yams
Purple Yams (Sweet Potatoes)
Our Price: $12.79

Like all other fruits and vegetables dark red pigmentation, Purple Yams are very high in cancer-protecting antioxidants. more info
Japanese Murasaki Sweet Potatoes
Japanese Murasaki Sweet Potatoes
Our Price: $12.49

Attractive reddish-purple skin with a pure white interior, the Japanese “Murasaki” has a sweet, nutty flavor and slightly dry texture. more info
Organic Charleston Yams
Organic Charleston Yams (Sweet Potato)

Like all other fruits and vegetables with a dark red pigmentation, purple yams are also very high in cancer-protecting antioxidants.
more info
Microwaveable Potatoes and Organic Baby Yams
Microwaveable Potatoes and Organic Baby Yams (Sweet Potatoes)

Four convenient packs of kitchen-ready varietal potatoes that can be served straight from the package after a quick six minutes in the microwave! more info
Organic Beauregard Yams
Organic Beauregard Yams (Sweet Potato)

Melissa’s Organic Beauregard Yams are oblong tubers with a tender and moist bright orange interior. more info
Organic Sweet Potatoes
Organic Sweet Potatoes

Melissa’s Organic Sweet Potatoes are oblong tubers with similar properties to potatoes. They can be consumed raw and are cooked in almost any way imaginable. more info