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Giving Thanks with Fresh Fruits!

Fresh Jackfruit
Jackfruit is native to the rainforests of India. It is also found in Southeast Asia, the East Indies, the Philippines and is grown in central and eastern Africa, as well as Brazil. Jackfruit is a tree fruit that can grow up to 80 pounds! It can be eaten raw, once properly prepared (skin, seeds and fiber removed), or prepared in a dish. When still green, it is often used as a vegetarian substitute for meat as it has a texture similar to shredded meat.

Jackfruit is relatively low calorie with about 95 calories in 3 ounces. It is a moderate source of vitamin C and potassium. Jackfruit does contain natural sugars making it deliciously sweet. Check out our prep instructions for jackfruit.

Sweet Young Coconut
Melissa’s delicious sweet young coconuts are a fun way to enjoy the tropical flavor of coconut! These young coconuts don’t have the hard husk of a mature