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Quantity/Pack: 2.75 Pounds
Seasonality: Apr - May, Sep - Nov
Origin: Grenada

Soursop, also known as Graviola or Guanabana, is a heart-shaped tropical fruit native to South America and Southwest Asia that looks very similar to a Cherimoya. 

Soursop is a deliciously sweet-tart fruit with a bright, cheery flavor—almost as if a creamy coconut-banana mixture was highlighted with note of citrus or pineapple. Also known as Guanabana, soursop is native to the Caribbean but now grows in tropical regions across Asia, Central America, South America and Africa. Soursop is often eaten raw, sometimes right out of the fruit with a spoon. The skin and seeds are not edible, but the pulpy white fruit inside is. In addition to eating out of hand, Soursop is often included in juices and smoothies, or mixed into frozen desserts and custards. 

Fruit should be ripened at room temperature. As it ripens, the fruit will lighten in color to a bright yellow-green color and the spines will soften. Ripe fruit should give to the touch and be somewhat fragrant.

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