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Melissa's 50 Best Plants on the Planet Cookbook


For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Seasonality: Year Round

We know that most people aren’t hitting their fruit and veggie targets a day, maybe because we’re told all the time to eat them, but not necessarily how to eat them. Which fruits and veggies pack the best punch? Which ones best suit your body if you’re looking to support immune or heart health, to soothe your tummy, smooth your skin or balance your mood? What should you look for when shopping, and what cooking techniques should you use?

This cookbook answers these questions and more. This alphabetized encyclopedia contains information about the 50 most nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. The health benefit of each produce item is highlighted and paired with tips on how to buy, store, and, of course, cook each item, with 150 recipes for simple sides and main courses.

Discover new favorites – cactus pear, chrysanthemum leaf or dandelion green. You will use this definitive guide time and time again to make the most of every shopping experience in the produce department.

The author is Cathy Thomas, the award-winning food columnist at the Orange County Register.

Note: Melissa's Produce sells only the Collector's Edition of this Cookbook (hardbound cookbook and signed by company owner co-owner Sharon Hernandez and Melissa’s Corporate Chefs)