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Tropical & Exotic Fruit

  • Image of  Coconut Hearts Fruit

    Coconut Hearts

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin:  MexicoCoconut Hearts are harvested before the meat is fully developed. At this stage, the water inside is at its pr...

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  • Image of  Sapodilla Fruit Fruit

    Sapodilla Fruit

    Seasonality: Dec - JunOrigin: USA This exotic tropical fruit, also marketed as Sapote, is about the size of a large kiwi with the same texture and ...

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  • Image of  Australian Lychee Fruit Fruit

    Australian Lychee Fruit

    Seasonality: Dec - FebOrigin: Australia Each contains a single, large, inedible seed. One cup of fresh lychee fruit has only 125 calories, more vit...

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  • Image of  White Coconuts Other

    White Coconuts

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Domincan Republic Although all parts of this fruits are used, only the water and meat of the White Coconut are consu...

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  • Image of  Organic Mini Yellow Seedless Watermelon Fruit

    Organic Mini Yellow Seedless Watermelons

    Seasonality: June to July (USA) & April to May (Mexico)Origin: USA, Mexico These miniature watermelons are sweet, crisp and contain an abundan...

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  • Image of  Organic Pineapple Fruit

    Organic Pineapples

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA Melissa’s Organic Pineapple has the sweetest flavor and is packed full of tropical juices and fragrance. The tex...

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  • Image of  Papaya Fruit


    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Brazil, USA The two most common varieties on the market today are Hawaiian and Mexican Papayas.A native of the tropi...

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