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Stone Fruit

  • Image of  Organic White Peaches Fruit

    Organic White Peaches

    Seasonality: Jun-SepOrigin: USA White peaches are slightly sweeter that yellow peaches, in fact, the white peach tastes just as sweet right after i...

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  • Image of  Plumcots Fruit


    Quantity/Pack: 2 poundsSeasonality: Feb-Mar & May-SepOrigin: Chile, USAPlumcots are a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. They mainly retain the c...

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  • Image of  Plums Fruit


    Seasonality: Jan-Mar & May-OctOrigin: Chile, USA Rich and tangy with a sweet-tart taste, Melissa's plums may be enjoyed eaten out of hand or us...

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  • Image of  Rainier Cherries Fruit

    Rainier Cherries

    Quantity/Pack: 2 poundsSeasonality: Jan-Feb & Jun-AugOrigin: Chile & Mexico This lovely plump cherry is larger, but more fragile with an ei...

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