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  • Image of  Muscatel Grapes Fruit

    Muscatel Grapes

    Eat these SEEDLESS fresh “wine” table grapes out of hand for a quick snack, or use in salads, compotes, or as a beautiful garnish.Eat these SEEDLES...

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  • Image of  Kyoho Grapes Fruit

    Kyoho Grapes

    Kyoho grapes are very large, dark maroon to black and thick-skinned grapes that offer a sweet flavor.This specialty grape, first developed in Japan...

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  • Image of  Moon Drop® Grapes Fruit

    Moon Drop® Grapes

    *Only Available for Wholesale Purchase Quantity/Pack: 4 poundsSeasonality: Aug - OctOrigin: USA Serve Mood Drop® grapes as an interesting party pla...

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  • Image of  Organic Cotton Candy<sup>®</sup> Grapes Fruit

    Organic Cotton Candy® Grapes

    Just one bite of this super sweet grape will take you back to that childhood memory of eating Cotton Candy at the county faire. Organic Cotton Cand...

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