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Discover Melissa’s selection of seasonal citrus! Fresh, juicy & packed with vitamins. From yuzu to Kieffer limes, add a zesty twist to your diet with our unique selection.

  • Image of  Organic Limes Fruit

    Organic Limes


    Quantity/Pack: 3 PoundsSeasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA, Mexico Use in dishes to enhance the flavor of chicken, fish, and vegetable soups. Add Or...

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  • Image of  5 Pounds Satsuma Tangerines Fruit

    Satsuma Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 3 PoundsSeasonality: Jan - Feb & Nov - DecOrigin: USAA hybridized mandarin, originally developed in Japan in the province of Sat...

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  • Image of  Neapolitan® Tangerines Fruit
    Sold out

    Neapolitan® Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 4 PoundsSeasonality: Jan & DecOrigin: USA Neapolitan® Tangerines are a brand new hybrid variety available commercially for the f...

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  • Image of  Grapefruits and Oranges Fruit

    Grapefruits and Oranges


    Quantity/Pack: 2 Grapefruit and 4 Oranges (about 4 lbs.)Seasonality: Year RoundA pair of seasonal citrus favorites, bursting with fresh, tangy juic...

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  • Image of  Heirloom Navel Oranges Fruit
    Sold out

    Heirloom Navel Oranges

    Quantity/Pack: 4 PoundsSeasonality: Nov - MarOrigin: USA Melissa’s now offers the ORIGINAL Washington navel, grown the old-fashioned way, after bei...

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  • Image of  Shasta Gold Tangerines Fruit

    Shasta Gold Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 5 lbs.Seasonality: Feb - AprOrigin: USAShasta Gold Tangerines are deep orange in color, large in size (sometimes up to twice the siz...

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  • Image of  Lemon and Limes tote bag

    Lemon and Limes Pack


    Quantity/Pack: 3 packages (16 ounces each)Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA, MexicoHere’s a convenient combo pack of two citrus favorites that can...

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  • Image of  Sumo Citrus® Fruit

    Sumo Citrus®

    Quantity/Pack: 5 count (5 pounds)Seasonality: Feb - AprOrigin: USA A cross between a Satsuma and an orange that took 30 years to develop in Japan, ...

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  • Image of  Pummelo Fruit


    Quantity/Pack: 4 count (5.75 Pounds)Seasonality: Jan - Apr & Nov - DecOrigin: USAThe Pummelo (pronounced pom-EH-loh), a distant relative of the...

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  • Image of  Uniq Fruit Fruit

    Uniq Fruit

    Quantity/Pack: 5 poundsSeasonality: Feb-AprOrigin: USA It has an unbelievable taste and is very juicy. Its taste is between a mandarin and a grapef...

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  • Image of  Oro Blanco (White Grapefruit) Fruit

    Oro Blanco (White Grapefruits)

    Quantity/Pack: 4 PoundsSeasonality: Jan & Nov - DecOrigin: USACovered in a thick, easy-to-peel rind that ranges in color from green to yellowis...

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  • Image of  Organic Minneola Tangelo Fruit

    Organic Minneola Tangelos

    Quantity/Pack: 3 poundsSeasonality: Jan-MarOrigin: USA Melissa’s Organic Minneola Tangelos are also called Honeybells because of their one slightly...

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  • Image of  Buddha's Hand Fruit

    Buddha's Hand

    Quantity/Pack: 2 handsSeasonality: Sept - FebOrigin: USAMelissa’s Buddha’s Hand is a delicious fragrant symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fo...

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  • Image of  Kieffer Limes Fruit

    Kieffer Limes

    Quantity/Pack: 2 lbs.Seasonality: Sep - OctOrigin: USAMelissa’s Kieffer Limes are a deliciously tangy and interesting citrus variety. Kieffer limes...

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  • Image of  Organic Kishu Mandarins Fruit

    Organic Kishu Mandarins

    Quantity/Pack: 2 poundsSeasonality: JanOrigin: USAMelissa’s Organic Kishu Mandarins are the perfect snack for young children. They are the size of ...

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  • Image of  Organic Satsuma Tangerines Fruit

    Organic Satsuma Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 2 lbs.Seasonality: Nov - DecOrigin: USABesides eating out of hand, Satsumas are delicious in salads, stir-fries, stuffings, tarts, a...

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  • Image of  Dekopon Mandarins Fruit

    Dekopon Mandarins

    Quantity/Pack: 5 PoundsSeasonality: Jan - MarchOrigin: USA (CA)Super-sized, super sweet, seedless and oh so juicy! This mandarin and orange hybrid ...

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  • Image of  Organic Kumquats Fruit

    Organic Kumquats

    Quantity/Pack: 2 poundsSeasonality: Jan-Mar & DecOrigin: USA A native of China, and also grown in Japan and the U.S., the Kumquat is a citrus f...

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  • Image of  Organic Cara Cara Oranges Fruit

    Organic Cara Cara Oranges

    Quantity/Pack:  4 poundsFreshly picked from our groves, these pink navel oranges are extremely delicious. The fruit and juice have a deep orange fl...

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  • Image of  Organic Blood Oranges Fruit

    Organic Blood Oranges

    Quantity/Pack: 4 lbs.Seasonality: Jan - MarOrigin: USANamed for their deep pink or red-streaked flesh, these oranges also have a beautiful reddish ...

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  • Image of  Murcott Tangerines Fruit

    Murcott Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 4 lbs.Seasonality: Jan - Feb & DecOrigin: USA Murcotts or Delite Mandarins are a cross between a tangerine and a sweet orange. I...

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  • Image of  Mandarinquats Fruit


    Quantity/Pack: 3 poundsSeasonality: Dec - FebMelissa’s Mandarinquats are a cross between a mandarin and a kumquat. Mandarinquats are orange, bell-s...

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  • Image of  Organic Meyer Lemons Fruit

    Organic Meyer Lemons

    Quantity/Pack: 3 poundsSeasonality: Jan-Mar & DecOrigin: USA The Organic Meyer Lemon is useful in flavoring both savory and sweet dishes alike....

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  • Image of  Tango Tangerines Fruit

    Tango Tangerines

    Quantity/Pack: 4 lbs.This is a new hybrid of the Murcott mandarin developed by the University of California at Riverside. Fruit size is moderately ...

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