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A Dream Come True Wine Gift Basket
A Dream Come True - Wine Gift Basket
Our Price: $299.99

Combining the most exquisite tropical fruit and one of the best wines money can buy, this is sure to be the best way to express affection and/or appreciation to someone special. more info
Our Price: $20.50

Using Melissa’s Crepes is a simple way to make delicious desserts, side dishes or main courses. Stuffing these nine-inch French Crepes with fruit, seafood, chicken or vegetables is quick and easy.

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Crepes and Dessert Sauces
Crepes and Dessert Sauces
Our Price: $25.49

No time for making home-made desserts? Melissa's ready-to-serve crepes can save you hours in the kitchen preparing after-dinner indulgences.
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Dessert Sauces
Dessert Sauces
Our Price: $18.49

Melissa’s Dessert Sauces include Raspberry, Chocolate, White Chocolate,  Caramel and Cinnamon. These sauces offer you a complete variety of flavor choices. They are great with pastries, fresh fruits or as a dessert garnish. more info
For My Love Basket
For My Love Wine Basket
Our Price: $96.79

Giving your loved one a beautifully wrapped basketful of Melissa’s
premium Butterscotch Pears combined with decadent Chocolate Toffee Almonds and
Chocolate Bridge Mix, and finally a bottle of sparkling Schramsberg
Blanc de Blanc, you will surely win their heart.
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