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Sparkling Sweetheart Basket Apple Lovers Hamper The Dugout Club Gift Box
Apple Lovers Hamper
Our Price: $32.99
The Dugout Club Gift Box
Our Price: $48.95
Celebrate the love in your life with this delicious combination of succulent Blood (Red) Oranges, Chocolate Toffee Almonds, Chocolate Bridge Mix, and of course a bottle of sparkling wine to make your sweetheart swoon.
Full of fiber and antioxidants, these apples are truly one of nature's healthiest and tastiest gifts. Why not share them with everyone by ordering a hamper? Take a trip to the ball game VIP style! Enjoy these “Dugout” style snacks and this fruity, floral, high acidic wine anywhere.
Hatch Chile Crate Classic Basket of Treats Holiday Fruit Hamper
Hatch Chile Crate
Our Price: $49.99
Classic Basket of Treats
Our Price: $51.49
Deal of the Day Price: $43.77
Savings: $7.72
Holiday Fruit Hamper
Our Price: $52.29
Deal of the Day Price: $41.83
Savings: $10.46
Included in the crate is a copy of Melissa's Hatch Chile Cookbook, two shakers of our famous Ground Hatch Chile Powder (Hot and Mild), an 8 oz. package of Dried Hatch Chiles (Hot), and our delicious Hatch Chile Salsa.
Look no further. Melissa’s Classic Basket of Treats is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. At Melissa’s, each basket is filled with a fresh assortment of Apples, pears, Dried Cranberries, imported cheese, salami, crackers and fancy roasted as well as salted mixed nuts. Celebrate the season with this impressive gift of fresh, delicious fruit.
Baby Vegetables Basket Fabulous Fruit Fare Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket
Baby Vegetables Basket
Our Price: $57.99
Fabulous Fruit Fare
Our Price: $59.99
Each delicately woven basket is brimming with fresh vegetables which are artfully arranged to provide a charming presentation. It takes you from your basic apples and bananas to faraway tropical fruits such as Mango, Papaya, Gold Pineapple, and Coconut, to exotic treasures like Asian Pear, Kiwi, Pepino Melon, Baby Bananas, Seasonal Tangerines, and Kumquats. Based on seasonal availability. Looking for a fresh, juicy selection of the season's best exotic fruits?
Gourmet Ingredients Basket Good As Gold Basket Tower of Delicious Delights
Good As Gold Basket
Our Price: $70.60
Surprise your friends and family with a wrapped wicker basket full of gourmet ingredients. Melissa’s Gourmet Ingredients Basket makes it easy and fun to prepare healthy and flavorful dishes and is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. Give your friends and family the gift of specialty fruit and premium snacking!
Boxes arrive filled with delectable treats including 8 oz. of Dried Bing Cherries, 8 oz. of Dried Pears, 4 oz. of Dried Banana Chips, 12 oz. of Roasted and Salted Fancy Mixed Nuts, and 4 Granny Smith Apples and 1 (17 oz.) bottle of our decadent Caramel Dessert Sauce.
Melissas Everyday Cooking Organic Produce Basket Grilling Basket Grande Medley
Grilling Basket
Our Price: $86.29
Grande Medley
Our Price: $94.99
Melissa’s is very proud to offer you this fantastic Everyday Organics Gift Basket, filled with the essential guidebook and great flavors you’ll want for your good health and culinary enjoyment. Why not add some refreshing Melissa’s produce to your plate? This beautiful woven basket holds a bountiful array of freshly picked vegetables, making it easy to incorporate more produce to your outdoor barbeque. Take a trip around the world with Melissa’s Grande Medley. With Melissa’s Grande Medley, you can enjoy the distinct tastes of all the world’s eclectic cuisines. All the products provided are sure to deliver the best from Melissa's world marketplace.