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Australian Black Truffles French Perigord Black Truffles Italian Black Summer Truffles
Having the same robust flavor and aroma as the Italian Black Winter and French Perigord, the Australian Black Truffle was developed from actual spores of the French Perigord truffle.

The Périgord black truffle is considered the champagne of truffles by discerning culinary professionals for its earthy aroma and rich chocolate flavor.

The Italian Summer Black truffle is meaty thick with a rough texture that is black or dark brown in color. This variety has a knobby outer skin covering a tannish-white interior.

Italian Black Winter Truffles Italian Burgundy Truffles Italian White Truffles

Winter truffles are much darker in color than its summer counterpart, the Black Summer truffle, with a much stronger flavor and aroma.

Some call the Burgundy Truffle the substitute for black truffles, but these mushrooms do not play second fiddle to their truffle counterpart.

White truffles are the rarest and most prized of all truffle varieties by culinary professionals and connoisseurs around the world.