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Baby Leaves/Hojas de Laurel (Don Enrique Brand)
Bay Leaves / Hojas de Laurel (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $6.99

Bay Leaves are extremely pungent, with a sharp, bitter taste. more info
Caliente Pepper Assortment
Caliente Pepper Assortment (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $25.10

Salsas, Chile Rellenos, Moles, Enchiladas... so many tasty dishes to choose from when you have fresh and dried peppers at your fingertips! more info
Chamomile Flowers (Don Enrique Brand)
Chamomile Flowers (Don Enrique® Brand)
Our Price: $6.10

Chamomile is also one of the safest herbs to use. more info
Chile Pistachio Nuts
Chile Pistachio Nuts (Don Enrique Brand)

Don Enrique's Chile Pistachio Nuts are a deliciously spicy, crunchy snack sensation! more info
Coquitos (Don Enrique® Brand)

Melissa’s Coquitos are nuts cultivated from a Chilean Palm trees. They closely resemble coconuts in appearance but are much smaller. They taste of rich coconut with a sweet, nutty taste and have a crunchy texture you'll love. more info