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8 Ball Squash Acorn Squash Baby Pumkins
Acorn Squash
Our Price: $9.99
These squash are round with an attractive shiny, speckled dark exterior. Acorn Squash, named for its distinct size and shape, may be found in three different brilliant colors, green, gold, and white. Melissa’s Orange and White Baby Pumpkins can add color and design to your Fall Harvest display.
Banana Squash Buttercup Squash Butterkin Squash
Banana Squash have hard, thick skins and only the flesh is eaten. Buttercup Squash are part of the Turban squash family (hard shells with turban-like shapes) and are a popular variety of winter squash. Unlike summer squash (which are picked when immature and skins are tender), Buttercup Squash have hard, thick skins and only the flesh is eaten. This new variety of Butternut squash measures six to eight inches in diameter with a flattened oval shape and pastel peach outer coloring.
Butternut Squash Calabaza Squash Carnival Squash
Butternut Squash
Our Price: $9.99
Carnival Squash
Our Price: $9.99

Butternut Squash is bottle-shaped and light orange in color. Its finely textured flesh is bright orange and sweet in flavor.

This round squash comes in many different colors, ranging from green to beige to light red-orange. The Calabaza Squash has been extremely popular throughout the Caribbean as well as in Central and South America. The delicious yellow meat of a Carnival Squash is reminiscent of sweet potatoes or Butternut Squash.  It can be baked or steamed then combined with Butter and Fresh Herbs.
Chayote Squash Cucuzza Squash Delicata Squash
Chayote Squash
Our Price: $10.29

Melissa’s Chayote makes a wonderful addition to soups or stir-fries and may be sliced or chopped and used raw like a cucumber. The seeds are also edible.

Its taste is similar to a sweet summer squash and is an edible gourd that can grow three feet long. Cucuzza squash has light green inedible skin and the white flesh contains many seeds. The oblong Delicata has a pale yellow skin with green markings and often ranges in size from 5 to 9 inches in length to 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter.
Fall Squash Sampler Gold Ball Squash Gold Nugget Squash
Fall Squash Sampler
Our Price: $16.49

Celebrate the winter with a beautiful array of tasty, healthy squash from Melissa's. The versatility of squash for cooking (bake, boil, mash, puree, steam, simmer, stir-fry, stuff, grill, or microwave it) and for attractive, seasonal table displays, make them a must-have for your fall and winter festivities.

Melissa’s Gold Ball Squash is about the size of a baseball, these squash are unique and a newer variety hybrid of gold zucchini.

Pumpkin-shaped with orange colored flesh, Gold Nugget Squash is available late summer through winter. The bright orange skin of the Gold Nugget Squash easily identifies it as a popular winter squash.